“We are not an answer. We are a solution.”


Orrick Consulting is a boutique consulting firm specializing in marketing strategy and business infrastructure management.

Our goal is to help you gain the highest return on your investment into your marketing teams and departments. From systems integration to process management, our consultants invest in fully understanding your business model and then advise on the best solutions to add value to your current business infrastructure.

Whether building a strategic marketing plan, developing a business development team, or implementing a Customer Relationship Management system, our team of experts come together to create the solution that best meets the goals of your organization.

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Dr. Emily Bielen, D.D. is the Founder of Orrick Consulting, and is passionate about helping organizations and individuals recognize their greatest value.

As the head of marketing and program management for global industry leaders in behavioral healthcare, Emily set the local and international marketing strategies that merged the company’s brand with its commitment to the evolvement of engagement-driven service. Her responsibilities have included brand marketing, public and referral relations, and digital ecosystems. She continuously works collaboratively within a company to develop creative sales and marketing strategies that increase sales, brand value, and differentiation.

Emily got started in marketing and business strategy in New York City in the early 2000’s on the human capital management side at a global investment bank in New York City. From there, Emily took her hunger for working alongside a brand and its assets to build value and recognition across markets. Emily builds an organization's digital ecosystem from website design all the way to CRM build-outs and call tracking systems. Emily's primary goal for any company she works with is to see the highest return on digital marketing and business development and to create the best visibility for the organization's growth strategy.

Emily holds a Doctorate of Divinity from the University of Sedona as well as attended Columbia University's School of Social Work in New York City. She previously attended Colgate University and New York University where she received her B.A. in Urban Sociology. Emily has lived and worked in New York City, Connecticut, London, and Newport Beach, California. She currently lives with her four children and devotes her everyday work to her calling to save the world.

Emily also works as a Spiritual Director and Consultant for individuals and teams within the corporate structure that are looking to transform in order to enhance the corporate culture and increase productivity. For more information on her leadership consulting practice, go to emilybielen.com



I started Orrick Consulting because I was tired of watching businesses invest large amounts of money in marketing and business development and wasting hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars on their marketing spend.

Orrick Consulting was founded on my collective 15 years of experience in marketing and finance in both the public and private sectors. I had been a Chief Marketing Officer and I had also been a “boots on the ground” marketer in an industry that had enormous marketing budgets yet did not know how to be efficient with its dollars. I had been a strong leader in an industry that lacked true strong female leadership in the marketing space. And to clarify, there are amazing female leaders on the marketing side of the behavioral health field, some of the most amazing women I have ever met, yet they were and are underutilized, unacknowledged, and therefore devalued. Therefore, I decided to take that story and rewrite it not only for me, but for all leaders screaming for a solution and wanting an opportunity to grow and thrive in an ever-changing market and world.

I believe in “work smarter, not harder” and have been disappointed in my observation of organizations losing money and blaming it on everything but the lack of efficiencies within their systems to create the ROI they all want. I had “pounded the pavement” as a “marketer” and I had been in a C-Suite level position as a female in a strongly male dominated field. And after a long and hard turn at a seat in the “board room”, I was ready to take my intellect and strong female energy and devote it to a higher purpose. As a woman who had wanted to save the world from a young age, my next thought was “How do I help?” or “How do I save the world now?”

So… Orrick Consulting was formed. Not to be an answer, but to be a solution. It gives me an opportunity to save the world from the inside out. Although I had been in Social Work, my calling to help felt more valuable on the business end of a direct care market. I built this company to shake up the bottom line and be the crucial asset for an organization seeking sustainability and consistency in an unpredictable market.




I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully helping you find the solution that so many of us are seeking as we each try to save the world.

If you are looking for a fresh look for your website, a new marketing strategy, or want to increase the visibility of your cost per acquisition and conversion rates, then feel free to contact me.

Mobile: 949-302-7978
Email: emily@orrickconsulting.com

“Emily and the team at Orrick Consulting have been instrumental in helping in the creation of fresh strategies, organization and software infrastructure. Emily’s unique expertise has helped us create and maintain accountability across our inbound and outbound marketing platforms. She was able to come into our organization and quickly implement strategies that helped our organization achieve its goals.”

- Joel Edwards, CEO, True Recovery

"Emily helped us input our needs and wants into an equation which has formulated more transparency and output in our marketing and admissions department.  She has the experience and knowledge to bring in all necessary parties to help with everything production - from CRM to finding the right personnel for a team.  We appreciate everything she has helped us with and would welcome a phone call from anyone to discuss our experience with her."

- Paul Manley, Executive Vice President, Driftwood Recovery

“We had the pleasure of working with Emily and Orrick Consulting on an extremely important project for us earlier this year. She brings cross-functional knowledge and expertise across marketing, business development and operations. Emily focuses on the details, including making sure we tracked to our timeline at every stage of our project, and brings practical advice and knowledge to every conversation. Emily is passionate about her clients and she completely exceeded our expectations throughout our work together.  I would highly recommend Emily and Orrick Consulting to anybody looking for consulting services.”

- Brian McMahon, Founder, Voyage Health



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